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ABC6’s meteorologist Chris talked about Jacob “The Fox” Schlichter’s snow storm photos on Jan. of 2017. Jacob and a couple of his friends spent hours braving the tough Minnesota blizzard just to capture these photos.

Jacob Schlichter being featured in the magazine ‘Austin Living’ March-April 2017 issue.

Jacob was a Burning Man Photographer in 2017. While at Burning Man Jacob was able to photograph many notable musicians, artists, sculptures, and art installations. Most notable among them are Skrillex, Tycho, Slander, the Disco Fish, Thunderdome, the Tree of Tenere, the Mayan Warrior, Illumina, and so much more!

Jacob Schlichter’s astro photo titled “HWY 105” was the Cover photo for the Accentra Credit Union 2020 Calendar.

On Sept. 9th, 2021, Jacob Schlichter had a gallery opening at the Austin Area Artworks Center.

The subject matter for the gallery exhibition was the Minneapolis Geroge Floyd Protests.

Jacob spent multiple hours every other day driving up and down to Minneapolis and many more nights unable to leave due to the 8pm curfew that was enforced. He dealt with being maced, meeting neo nazis, multiple run-ins with the national guard, and even having a flash-bang round explode on his leg thus cutting open his leg. His intentions while protesting and documenting were to show everyone that there was more than just rioting and looting going on. Jacob documented several touching moments of speakers, lawyers, and other educational seminars going on during these protests. He captured a city mourning and coming together at a time when it felt like corruption had rotted our municipalities to their core. No matter what you believe in Jacob just wants everyone to know that we all have a lot in common with each other so always be willing to have a conversation and to love and protect your neighbor.

On 12 – 01 – 2022 the Albert Lea Tribune published their interview of Jacob Schlichter on their website. 

Then, on 12 – 03 printed it in their weekend edition paper.

The interview, conducted by  Alex Guerrero,  was about Jacob’s acceptance into the Rochester International Airport’s Art Gallery for the upcoming 2023 year.

The interview is also featured on Yahoo! Sports. (Click Here)

Jacob was interviewed by the Austin Daily Herald which was published online on 12 – 06 – 2022 and was included in their mid-week paper.

The interview was conducted by  Linda Baier and was about Jacob’s acceptance into the Rochester International Airport’s Art Gallery for the upcoming 2023 year.

Jacob was briefly featured in the Albert Lea Tribune’s article about the Albert Lea Art Center’s all-member Gallery of 2023.

On Jan. 17th, 2023 Jacob was featured on KTTC’s program Midwest Access. Kami asked Jacob about his work as a fashion designer and photographer. They briefly talked about some of the items Jacob made for the Tommy Chong brand.

On April. 24th, 2023, WCCO’s Marielle Mohs interviewed Jacob about his photos of the Northern Lights and asked him to gives some tips about how to view and photograph them.

Jacob wrote a guest column for the
April. 28th, 2023 edition of the Faribault Daily News and Owatonna People’s Press newspapers.

The subject was about tracking, viewing, and photographing the Aurora Borealis AKA the Northern Lights.

Both articles featured photos of the Northern Lights that he had taken while in Albert Lea and Austin Minnesota.

This links to the article in the Faribault Daily News.

This links to the article in the Owatonna People’s Press.

Jacob was interviewd on KSTP’s program Minnesota Live on May. 2nd, 2023. Chris and Megan asked him about his wildlife and astro photography and more specifically about his photos of the northern lights and local birds.

Jacob is seen here gesturing to his photograph of the Aurora Borealis over Southern Minnesota that was on display at the Mayo Clinic in Austin, Minnesota. May. 17th. 2023.

Jacob stands in front of his photograph ‘HWY 105’ that’s on display at the Rochester International Airport of Minnesota. Jacob’s photo was selected along with a second photo of his (Sunflowers in Starlight) via the Art Elevated program. May. 31st. 2023.

On August. 23. 2023. the MN ZOO opened it’s first ever art exhibit at it’s Hanifl Nature Center. Here you see Jacob Schlichter posing in front of his astrophoto that was accepted to be a part of the MN Zoo’s Rooted in Nature: Inspired by Trees exhibition.

ABC/ KSTP’s Minnesota Live had Jacob back on to talk about his favorite fall spots in Minnesota!  Chris and Megan talked to Jacob on October. 23. 2023 and asked him about his wildlife and landscape photography. 

Sydney Zatz with ABC 6/ KAAL chatted with Jacob on October. 27. 2023 about his photo that’s on display at the MN Zoo’s first-ever art exhibit titled Rooted in Nature: Inspired by Trees. 

Kami talks to Jacob about having a photo at MN Zoo’s first ever Art Gallery Exhibit. The Rooted in Trees: Inspired By Nature exhibit was located at the HANIFL Nature Center and opened alongside the new Tree Top Walking Trail. The exhibit lat for the last half of the year of 2023.

Emma Esteb talked to Jacob about his being awarded a SEMAC Grant and his upcoming capstone event about his wildlife phtoography.

The event runs from Feb 8 – Mar 22 at the Albert Lea Art Center with the open house being on Feb 23 from 5-7 pm.

The Albert Lea Tribune interviewed Jacob about his Wildlife Photography Exhibit at the AL Art Center that’s going on until Mar. 22.

The Open House is Feb. 23, 5-7 PM.

Minnesota Public Radio’s Cathy Wurzer talks to Jacob about his Wildlife Photo Exhibit and how his plans were upended during the past year’s drought.

The exhibit is running from now until Mar. 22 at the Albert Lea Art Center.

The Open House is Feb. 23, 5-7 PM.

The Steele County Times spoke with Jacob about his grant and Wildlife Exhibit at the Albert Lea Art Center that’s going on until Mar. 22.

The Open House is Feb. 23, 5-7 PM.

Minnesota LIVE chatted with Jacob Schlichter about his recent photos being in various exhibits and about his advice for night photography.

Check out his work at the following areas:

  • Art Elevated Exhibit at the Rochester, MN Airport
  • Art in our City Exhibit at the Historic Chateau Theatre of Rochester, MN
  • Area Showw 49 at the Charles H. MacNider Museum of Mason City, Iowa.

On May 13 2024, KSMQ Public Televsision featured Jacob on their OFF 90 program.

They chatted about all of Jacob’s photography work and showed off his Wildlife Photo Exhibit at the Albert Lea Art Center.

On May 6 2024 Jessie Alison of KTTC’s Midwest Access spoke to Jacob about his photo being selected to be in the Historic Chateau Theatre’s Art if Our City exhibit.