Jacob "The Fox" Schlichter - Minnesota ased photographer, fashion designer, businessman, and musician. He's based out of Austin, and Albert Lea, Minnesota. He frequents duluth, mankato, minneapolis, rochester, st. paul, etc... He wosn GetSlicks.com and BringsPeopleTogether.com. Tags: Blue Earth, Freeborn, Mower, Steele, Olmstead, Rice, Hennepin. Albert Lea Tribue, Austin Daily Herald, Mankato Free Press, Fox 9, ABC6 news, Star Tribune)

Meet Jacob.

Jacob is a photographer, fashion designer, activist, musician, and businessman that’s based out of Southern Minnesota. (Austin / Albert Lea)

His photography foci would be wildlife / nature / landscape, astro, concert / fest, sport, and urban photography and his style is an amalgam of HDR and High Contrast.

(Buy prints of his work at https://www.JacobFox.xyz)

His fashion is just as heavily influenced by nature as his photography. He’s able to take experiences found in nature like the sunset, ripples on a lake, or the wind rustling through leaves and turn them into modern, wearable apparel that helps the wearer feel closer to the Earth.
He’s also done work with multi-billion dollars brands, hip breweries like SURLY, activism groups like MN Marijuana, to celebrities like Tommy Chong.

(Wear his designs at https://www.GetSlicks.com)

Jacob grew up watching the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Animal Planet. Some of his favorite shows were The Crocodile Hunter (RIP Steve), Zoboomafoo, and Mythbusters. He hopes to retain his high level of curiosity into old age and encourages everyone else to do the same!

Typically, he can be found lost in the woods tracking owls or out ‘n’ about in random fields throughout the middle of the night vibing to the Milkyway. Astronomy has been a lifelong passion of his, and now even more so since he has honed his astrophotography skills over the last half-decade. Now, if only the moon and light pollution wouldn’t ruin his shots… haha.

Recently, Jacob’s been working on an interview talk show that’s currently located on his YouTube channel: @JacobFox. He’s brought on several of his friends to have prodigious and pedagogic discussions about politics, medical science, education, ice cream and art.

His free time is spent with his friends cleaning up local waterways, parks, and historical sites. On occasion, he partakes in some cannabis. You could probably chat him up at your local art or cultural fest as long as he’s not busy volunteering.

(Check the team’s activity at https://BringsPeopleTogether.com)

Feel free to contact him if you’d like to work together, go birding, or just chat! 🙂